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Mattia Temponi

Mattia Temponi


Scriptwriter, Film Director, Production


Decision Maker 2018
Decision Maker 2017


Born in 1984, Mattia Temponi started his career directing/producing short movies and video clip. After authoring for documentary films, he worked as a director for a short film project funded by Italian Ministry of Education and shooted inside Torino’s jailhouse, with a crew formed by real inmates. Next to his own independent production, he worked as editor and director for corporate videos and executive producer for short films and TV program. Lately, he worked as a screenwriter for Mediaset re-enactment show “Il Terzo Indizio”.

company profile

Cinefonie roots its expertise deeply in Turin's filmaking landscape: its members come from a lenghty working experience in the field of documentary production.
Our mission is to keep alive the tradition of independent filmmaking and production of documentary films, with a careful eye on the market changes and the technical evolution. We believe that's necessary to test and work with new languages, new media and new ways to experience and
produce contents.