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Justin Taurand

Justin Taurand




Decision Maker 2017


Justin Taurand is 22 years old when he produces his first short film. In 2003 he founds Les Films du bélier, which to this date has produced some forty movies, including seven feature films : "7 ans" by Jean-Pascal Hattu, is released in 2007 after being screened at the Venise film festival. This release is followed in 2010 by "Un poison violent" (Love Like Poison) by Katell Quillévéré, selected in the Cannes film festival Director’s Fortnight category and recipient of the 2010 Jean Vigo prize, followed by “Heal the living” in 2016, then "Homme au bain" by Christophe Honoré, selected in the official competition of the Locarno film festival, and “Les Gouffres” by Antoine Barraud. "Diamantino", the first feature film of Gabriel Abrantes is currently in postproduction.

A strong tie has developed between him and theses authors who in a way have grown with him: Katell Quillévéré, Hélier Cisterne, Frank Beauvais and Pascal Rambert, Gabriel Abrantes…
Justin has produced almost all of their short films, and now their first feature films.
But if these relationships create a family of sorts, it is with the idea of never making it a system, and always keeping it open. Justin Taurand has also produced films by Jean Paul Civeyrac, Joao Nicolau, Bertrand Bonello, Shinji Aoyama, Joachim Lafosse… The identity of the Films du bélier is shaped from the sum of all of these encounters, of this desire for movies and for exploring the unknown.