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Inge de Leeuw

Inge de Leeuw




Decision Maker 2017


Inge de Leeuw works as a programmer for the International Film Festival Rotterdam and is acquiring films for the French world sales company Stray Dogs.
Stray Dogs is dedicated to bringing international, director driven, edgy films to worldwide audiences, and is very proud to work closely with its filmmakers.
During its first year, Stray Dogs films got around 30 prizes in international film festivals, and did quite well.
Stray Dogs now has a team of four people making sure promising international talent is discovered and their gems are distributed worldwide

Inge de Leeuw studied Cultural Studies in Rotterdam and Film & Television Studies in Utrecht. Besides working in film production, she started working at IFFR's programme department in 2005, becoming a programmer in 2010. For IFFR she selects films from North America, Great Britain and Ireland and curates thematic programmes that focus on the relationship between cinema and other disciplines, for example the widely travelled "Out of Fashion" (2011) and "Everyday Propaganda" (2015).

company profile

Launched in 2015, Stray Dogs is dedicated to bringing edgy, international, director driven films with cult potential to worldwide audiences,. We aim to provide our distributors and programmers friends with fresh, interesting, special content, which will appeal to younger audiences and gain value over time.