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Chantal Lian

Chantal Lian




Decision Maker 2017


In 2009 Chantal Lian started working in the Home Entertainment industry at Studiocanal's Video department and Sony Dadc authoring studio in Paris.
Eager to work on film projects from their early stages, she read scenarios for Wild Bunch’s acquisition department for 3 years.
She worked for various festivals including: Festival Paris Cinéma, Cinéma du Réel International Documentary Film Festival, Les Arcs European Film Festival (at the Coproduction Village) and in 2012 she joined Champs-Elysées Film Festival where she has been the Head of Programming for the past 3 years as well as a member of the US in Progress programme selection committee.
While doing the programming of the festival, Chantal has also been working with the Head of Distribution on acquisitions for Sophie Dulac Distribution for 4 years.

company profile

Sophie Dulac Distribution is a distribution company specialized in art-house films and committed cinema which releases around 10 to 12 films per year. Our catalogue includes Alexandre Sokourov, Béla Tarr, Calin Peter Netzer, Amos Gitaï, Frederick Wiseman, Margarethe Von Trotta, Rafi Pitts, Whit Stillman, Eva Ionesco, Katell Quillevere, Robin Campillo, Josh & Benny Safdie and we have recently released Raoul Peck's "I am not your negro" and Joshua Z Weinstein's "Brooklyn Yiddish" (Menashe).