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Nelleke Driessen

Nelleke Driessen




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Nelleke Driessen was appointed managing director of Fortissimo Film Sales in 2004. During her tenure the company’s slate included Wong Kar-Wai hit titles such as "2046" and "In The Mood For Love" as well as the Jim Jarmusch drama "Coffee And Cigarettes". She left Fortissimo in 2016, and is currently director of sales at Ninefilms. Her knowledge and practical experience in acquisition and distribution, the international sales process, the legal aspects of sales and distribution agreements, the old and new distributions models learned her how important it is to create a hybrid approach to production, marketing, sales and distribution. Even more now with the rapidly changing environment for independent cinema, the new distribution models, the changing way people are consuming films, the necessity of working closely together is of great importance.

company profile

Nine Film is an independent sales company dedicated to bringing feature films and documentaries to the international market. Our slate is comprised of a careful selection of arthouse and cross-over films from all over the world created by fresh talent and renowned filmmakers.
We have a passion for theatrical exhibition and are equally enthusiastic about today’s evolving distribution channels.
We are committed to long-lasting and mutually beneficial business relationships with our partners – producers, distributors and festivals alike – and believe in transparency and integrity during all stages of the distribution process.

Nine Film is a small and dynamic team – with each of us coming from a slightly different background. Between us we share a wide-range of experience, in-depth knowledge of the industry and an extensive, international network. We are supported by a back office comprising of fully-fledged accounting, marketing and publicity departments.