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Paola Sini

Paola Sini




Decision Maker 2017


Graduated in Dams and specialized in International Development and coproductions.
2014-2015: Commercial Director at Michelle Production srl, Studios, Rome.
Performed activities: External Tax Credit, Product Placement, Script plot investment, contract / management organization, merchandise barter, trade screenplays bare, advice and institutional meetings.
Commercial and budget installation of the feature film "Maremmamara".
2015-2016 - 2017: Producer and Manager of the Studios within the television and multimedia production company New Time srl, Forli.
Performed activities: film production; institutional management; monitoring and compiling regional, national and European competition notices; meeting with investors; corporate information meetings for the investment, according to the law of External Tax Credit and Product Placement ; internal courses of public speaking; drafting of content scripts and dramaturgical development; commercial installation of movies; management of development and distribution on an international scale; Management sponsorship and brand marketing enterprise content / promoting film.
2015: Distribution of the feature film “Metamorfosi”, at the company “Mediterranea srl”, Rome.
2016-2017: Producer of the tv series for Sky "The Incipit-Albino", directed by Giulio Manfredonia, winning project of the film co-production contribution of the Emilia Romagna Film Commission.
Performed activities: institutional competitions, budget installation, promotion and distribution of the project.
2017: Acquisitions and Manager of External Relations at Whale Pictures srl.
2016- 2017: Producer of the feature film "NO POTHO REPOSARE”, directed by Marisa Vallone, coproduced by Mact Production and Umedia.
2017: CEO of Fidela Film srl, focused on international coproductions.

company profile

New Time srl works according to the highest safety standards and the most advanced technologies. All internal and external control rooms are in FULL HD, while the motion picture cameras are in 4K.
Next to the cinema and television production, the company also makes mobile shooting in Full HD, live and recorded broadcasts, audio and video post production and broadcasting in any local and national television. 
Since 2012 it inaugurates its collaboration with Giglio Group TV, dealing with the national and international distribution of its productions in 42 countries, 4 continents and six different languages, including China (tv on demand and pay per view for CBN and CCTV channels). Since 2010 it collaborates with Mediaset, RAI and La7.
Over the years the company has created its film internal pole of international purpose and has concentrated the productive development to innovative and original projects that can be addressed both to domestic and world market.
 New Time Srl represents an important media center in the heart of Emilia Romagna able to offer a 360 ° service: Studios, a multimedia center for video and audio post production, scenography constructions, assistive environments in the filming, administrative offices, dressing rooms, make-up rooms, costume department, extensive in-house technical service, joinery with innovative equipment, multimedia booth for dubbing and voice over, meeting rooms and ancillary rooms.
We are currently in production with our first international feature film, “No Potho Reposare”, directed by Marisa Vallone, and with a TV series for FOX, Incipit- l’Albino, directed by Giulio Manfredonia.