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Peter Bouckaert

Peter Bouckaert




SeriesLab - europe Participant 2018


Peter Bouckaert (-1969) is the managing and creative director of Eyeworks Film & TV Drama (Belgium). He was deputy director of the Flanders International Film Festival for 10 years before joining Eyeworks, Belgian's leading film production company in 2000. Since then, Peter produced an impressive number of films and quality drama series among which "Ben X", "The K. File", "Marina", "The Treatment", "Double Life", "The Divine Monster", "Missing Persons Unit", "Homegrown", "Cordon" and many more.

company profile

Created in 1981, Eyeworks Film & TV Drama is one of Belgium’s most prominent and longest established film production companies. It has a tradition of working both with established filmmakers as well as discovering and launching emerging talents. Since 1995 the company has also been producing highly successful quality drama series for television and in 2014 Eyeworks joined the Warner Brothers Group. Its impressive filmography features critical successes such as "Ben X", "Bullhead", "Time of My Life", "Marina", "The Treatment", "The Alzheimer Case", "The K. File", "Crazy About Ya", "The Verdict", "Image", "Behind The Clouds" and "Blind Spot". Among its TV drama series we find local and international hits such as "Cordon", "The Divine Monster", "Missing Persons Unit", "De Ridder", "Homegrown", "The Bunker", "Double Life", "Cops Ghent" and "Storm Force 10".