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Natalie Difford

Natalie Difford

United Kingdom



ScriptLab - story editing Participant 2018


Natalie is responsible for designing and overseeing Cinereach’s highly personalized Fellowships program, an incubator for creative exploration. Prior to joining Cinereach, she was Senior Program Officer of the non-profit film fund Chicken & Egg Pictures for five years. She has extensive film industry experience, from development to festival programming, having worked with This is That, IFP, London Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, and on various TV productions for A&E, Comedy Central, IFC and MTV Productions. As an independent producer, Natalie was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for Adam Leon’s feature debut, GIMME THE LOOT and co-produced Leon’s TRAMPS. She also produced the interactive documentary 11/4/08. Natalie is on the Film Advisory Board for SXSW, and was named one of the “Jezebel 25 Amazing and Kick-Ass Women” in 2012.

company profile

Cinereach is an independent film company dedicated to vital, artful filmmaking. As a philanthropic organization, Cinereach helps expand its films’ creative potential by offering adaptive development, financing, production, and other support models that align with the unique vision of each supported filmmaker. Cinereach also strives for a more sustainable film industry through targeted initiatives and strategic partnerships. Among over 200 films Cinereach has produced, financed, and supported across the globe are BEACH RATS, BRIMSTONE & GLORY, THE FLORIDA PROJECT, STRONG ISLAND, LAST MEN IN ALEPPO, THE FITS, and I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO. Young Jean Lee, Barry Jenkins, Terence Nance and other filmmakers have received Cinereach fellowships, and Karin Chien, Heather Rae, and Shrihari Sathe are among the recipients of Cinereach producing awards. Current not-for-profit collaborators include Sundance Institute, Court 13 Arts, and Borscht Corp.