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Rama Thiaw

Rama Thiaw


Film Director, Production


ScriptLab - projects Participant 2018


Rama THIAW was born in 1978, in Nouakchott (Mauritania).
Mauritanian & Senegalese, she grew up between Mauritania, Senegal and Europe.

In 2002, she participates in a workshop directed by Algerian Director Mohamed Bouamari (Costa Gavras and Gillo Pontecorvo’s assistant ‘The Battle of Algiers’).
So after a Master's degree in International Economics at the Sorbonne University, she chose a career in cinema and is graduating at the University of Paris 8.
Writer, director and producer, she lives in Dakar, the Senegalese Capital where she has created BOUL FALLE IMAGES, a production film company.

BOUL FALLE, the wrestling way is her first documentary film produced by Philippe Lacôte with Wassakara Productions and Banshee Films, in 2009, 71 min.

THE REVOLUTION WON’T BE TELEVISED is her second feature documentary, 2016, 110 min. It was produced by BOUL FALLE IMAGES. TRWBT has been premiere in the Berlinale 2016, in the Forum Section, and has won the Fipresci Prize, A special Mention of the Caligari Prize and The Special Prize of the Jury in the last JCC-Carthago Films Festival.

company profile

BOUL FALLE IMAGES is a Senegalese production company.
BFI was born out of passion for Cinema, Engagement and Music.
BOUL FALLE IMAGES is designed to produce Directors sharing the same will, but also to train in the long-run qualified technicians on our continent, in order to develop a cultural and economic network around Audiovisual Media and Arts.