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Juanjo Giménez

Juanjo Giménez


Scriptwriter, Film Director


FeatureLab projects Participant 2018


Juanjo Giménez was born in Barcelona. His last short film, TIMECODE (2016) won the Palm d’Or at Cannes, the 2017 European Film Award for Best Short Film, and was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Short Film, as well as the Goya in in the same category. In all, it has won more than 100 awards at film festivals the JUANJO GIMÉNEZ - director world over. Giménez has also directed the feature film NOS HACEMOS FALTA (TILT 2003), which premiered at the Rotterdam Film Festival; and two documentaries, CONTACT PROOF (2014) and ESQUIVAR Y PEGAR (2010), as well as several other awarded short films.