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Francesca Feder

Francesca Feder




Decision Maker 2012


Francesca FEDER first worked as an international sales agent, before creating and running the Sofica Lumière (tax shelter) in 1992. She then became managing director of A.A.A., a French distribution company. In 1993 she was CEO of Pitard Sullivan & Fitzgerald for Europe, before starting her carrier as independent producter in 1997, in association with Raphael Nadjari (« The Shade » in 1999, « I’m Josh Polonski’s brother » in 2000). Francesca founded ÆTERNAM FILMS (member of ACE) in 2002. Since then she produced or coproduced more than 10 internationally acclaimed feature films or documentaries, such as « Flower Island » by Il Gon Song (Corea, International Competion Mostra del Cinema Venezia 2002), « Extrano » by Santiago Loza (Argentina, Tiger Award - Rotterdam 2003), « He Feming » by Wang Bing (China, Official Selection Cannes FF 2007), « Io sono Li » by Andrea Segre (Italy, Winner of the Lux Prize 2012, Migliore Attrice Donatello 2013), « Viva la Sposa » bu Ascanio Celestini (Venice days 2015) and more recently « Il Sogno di Francesco » by Arnaud Louvet and Renaud Fély.

company profile

Created by Francesca Feder, Æternam Films produces feature films and television productions.

The choices of Æternam Films are based on a desire and a need: joining artistic ambition and the pleasure of the performance, bringing the talent and the particularities of some selected cineastes to the attention of a large audience and following their career, like, in the past years, for Raphaël Nadjari, Wang Bing, Song Il Gon and Santiago Loza, whose films have been selected in the most renowned film festival such as Cannes and Venice.

Among the most recent films and documentaries produced: "Shun Li and the Poet" by Andrea Segre (2011), Pauline et François (2010) by Renaud Fély, The Ditch by Wang Bing, The Green Blood by Andrea Segre, "My Father, Francis the Belge" (TV fiction for Canal +), He Fengming - Chronique d’une femme chinoise by Wang Bing (2006), 4 Murejes descalzas by Santiago Loza (2005), Spider Forest by Song Il Gon (2004), Extraño by Santiago Loza (2003), Flower Island by Song Il Gon (2001), Fatma by Khaled Ghorbal (2000), I’m Josh Polonski's Brother by Raphaël Nadjari (2000), The Shade by Raphaël Nadjari (1999).