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Birgit Kemner

Birgit Kemner




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Birgit Kemner, is a French-German Producer. After a career in Marketing in the Airline and Internet Industry, she obtained in 2004 the prestigious Master degree at the Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne in Marketing and Distribution in the Movie and TV Industry. The same year she became Head of Marketing and Festivals at the MK2 group. Founded by Marin Karmitz in 1974, MK2 is a reference in world art-house cinema, distributing and selling internationally over 600 films. In 2009, she joined Manny Films as a Producer to manage the international Coproductions within the Company. Since then, she produced with partners in various countries, including Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, USA. All her productions have been selected and awarded in renowned festivals such as the Cannes Film Festival.

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Manny Films is a French independent film production company based in Paris, founded by Philippe Gompel in 2007, focusing on international-oriented feature film and series with high quality standards and commercial potential. Its line up has been recognized across the industry earning "best film" international awards and selections in prestigious festivals like Cannes Film Festival. Since its launch, Manny Films has produced films with a large number of broadcasters, distributors, international sales, sofica and films funds, with partners in various countries including Argentina, Brazil, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Uruguay, USA.