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Jonas Benhaiem

Jonas Benhaiem




Decision Maker 2019
Decision Maker 2018


Acquisition manager @ Charades.

company profile

Charades is a new international sales company founded in 2017 by Carole Baraton (former head of sales at Wild Bunch), Yohann Comte (ex vp of sales Gaumont) and Pierre Mazars (ex vp of sales at Studio Canal). Before forming Charades, Carole sold Blue is The Warmest Colour, I Daniel Blake, 4 month 3 weeks 2 days, The Artist, to name but a few. While part of Gaumont, Yohan was responsible for sales of the global hit The Untouchables. During his time at Studio Canal Pierre was involved in the global sales of Inside Lewyn Davis, Tinker Tailor, as well as the Aardman films. In its inaugural year, Charades have worked with producers on a wide range of projects. From microbudget budget art house films to a 20+m feature length animation, The Queen's Corgi. This year, Charades had three films in selection at Cannes: LETO, by Kirill Serebrennikov (Official Competition) MIRAI, by Mamoru Hosoda (Director's Fortnight) and DIAMANTINO (winner of the Grand Prize at Critic's week).