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Ilaria Malagutti

Ilaria Malagutti


Production, Consulting


Decision Maker 2018


Born in Ferrara in 1974. Degree in Communication Sciences at University of Bologna. Master EMAM (European Master in Audiovisual Management).
After several years spent in the film and television production, in 2005 she built up with Michele Mellara, Alessandro Rossi, Michele Cogo and Francesco Merini, Mammut Film.
With her company she produces documentaries for the national and the international market.
For Mammut Film she follows the whole production process, from development to distribution. Among the documentaries produced by Ilaria: God Save the Green by Mellara and Rossi; Vivere che rischio (Life is deadly) by Mellara and Rossi; Kemp my best dance is yet to come by E. Gabbriellini.
At the same time she collaborates with other companies as consultant for international co production and fund raising. Ilaria is permanent consultant at Carlo Cresto Dina’s t empesta for Mibact and MEDIA applications and fund raising and as responsibile for minoriti coproduction.
I’ve collaborate at the fund raising of many films, such as:
Lazzaro Felice e Le Meraviglie
by Alice Rohrwacher (Cannes Film festival 2018/2014);
Ariaferma and L’Intrusa by Leonardo di Costanzo (Ca nes Film festival 2017), Le ultime cose by Irene Dionisio (Settimana della Critica Venezia, 2016).

company profile

Mammut film is an independent audiovisual company established in 2005 in Bologna by four partners active for over 20 years in the field of cinema and theatrical production.
Producer Ilaria Malagutti, authors/directors Michele Mellara, Alessandro Rossi and Francesco Merini founded Mammut film with the goal to produce audiovisual works for an international audience, with a specific focus on documentaries.
During those years Mammut film developed and produced high-quality and original projects. It is well known at a national and international level. All its documentaries have been distributed internationally, they have been screened in theatres and festivals, winning prizes and achieving good success with the public and critics.
So far, Mammut’s core business has been international creative documentaries with a social and/or political agenda, but we are now expanding into fiction both feature films and shorts.
We are coproducing as minority coproduction compaby: Eternity Package by M. Ilieva; Catane by Ioana Mischie and La guerra delle donne by Anna Recalde Miranda. We are aslo developing our majority project ICHICOMORI, writtern and directed by Carlotta Piccini and the web series Universitas Tenebrarum by M. Mellara and A. Rossi.