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Dominique Rocher

Dominique Rocher


Film Director


FrameWork Participant 2015


Dominique’s passion for films leads him to work on several features as an assistant director when he was just out of film school. He then creates a production company, Buffalo Corp, within which he made his first 4 short films, broadcast and screened all over the world’s festivals and Televisions.

Later, Dominique Rocher wins the Audi talent awards program, and is able to direct the ambitious Sci-Fi drama, La Vitesse du Passé, starring the international actress Melanie Thierry. The film, broadcast on French and international televisions, has been selected by some of the main international festivals (Cannes, Toronto, Bermuda...).

Dominique currently develops several features and among which The night eats the world, a survival film produced by Haut et Court and a mini series for ARTE entitled La Corde (3*52minutes).