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Emiliano Goessens Lerena

Emiliano Goessens Lerena




SeriesLab - europe Participant 2019


Emiliano Goessens – creator, director & scriptwriter

Emiliano Goessens grew up in Uruguay and Sweden. He made his debut in 2005 with the short Ryppar that won the Swedish Film Institute and SVT’s prize for best short because it with “an immersive depth captures the emptiness of the drug trade, without lapsing into common clichés”. Today, he is one of Sweden’s most sought after tv drama directors. Goessens has directed several of SVT’s most successful prime time drama series such as 30 degrees in February, Blue Eyes, Molanders, Irene Huss, Kommissarie Winter etc. He has been nominated for the Swedish tv prize Kristallen four times and won best tv-drama 2013 with 30 degrees in February.

company profile

Art & Bob is a corporate group that produces film and tv for all platforms. The company was founded in 2015 through a merger of the production companies Art89Television and Bob Film Sweden.

In the common portfolio there is a large variety of successful productions for both cinema and television, cult web-tv shows as well as engaging documentaries.

Art & Bob is one of Sweden's leading independent film and television production companies, still driven by their founders and owners.