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Eszter Angyalosy

Eszter Angyalosy


Story Editor, Writer


SeriesLab Talents Head of Studies 2023
SeriesLab Head of Studies 2023
SeriesLab Italia Tutor 2020
SeriesLab Tutor 2019


ESZTER ANGYALOSY is a Hungarian screenwriter, story editor, and writing tutor.
She started her career as an editor at a Hungarian publishing house before joining HBO Hungary as Development Editor in 2015. In the same year, her novel ’WONDERLAND’ was released.
Until 2018, she worked with HBO on developing a dozen original series in various genres. In 2018, she left the company to start her freelance writing career.
She is one of the founders of the international TV development and producing company Joyrider.
Besides her collaborations with TorinoFilmLab, she worked as a tutor, expert, or guest lecturer with different international associations and screenwriting programs, such as Racconti, Eureka Series, Serial Eyes, if Köln, or the American Stowe Story Labs.
Her writing credits include TV dramas, short and feature films, and documentary projects.