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Dan Geesin

Dan Geesin

United Kingdom

Film Director


SeriesLab - europe Participant 2019


DAN GEESIN is a writer/director, musician, artist and creative producer at Rots Filmwerk in Amsterdam. He initiated their ‘Work Space’ from where most recently 2 young film makers have been awarded a Wild Card by the Dutch Filmfund. Dan’s intuitive stories are often embellished with a poetic melancholy and are darkly amusing. His music and sound design is often used to parallel the cinematic narrative allowing the audience to become more saturated in the themes of the work.

company profile

Rots Filmwerk was established by siblings Esther and Hugo Rots, to produce bold and outspoken films made by artists. This partnership resulted in awardwinning films, two of which were nominated for a Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. Their first feature ‘Can go through skin’ premiered at the Berlinale, Forum, won many awards including a Fipresci and Best Dutch Film of 2009. Dan Geesin joined forces in 2012 as a creative producer.