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Dominik Locher

Dominik Locher


Scriptwriter, Film Director


ScriptLab - projects Participant 2019


Growing up in rural Switzerland, becoming a director was never an option. Nevertheless, from an early age the son of a bricklayer keeps writing. After high school Dominik Locher flees the alps, living for a time in Siberia and Florida. He works odd jobs as a construction worker, mover, hotel receptionist, circus roadie and dime novelist. It is during this time that he begins directing his first plays and shorts. At 25 he finally realizes that storytelling is the only option and he begins his studies as a theater director at the Zurich University of Arts, later transferring to the American Film Institute. While still a student he completes his first Feature Film TEMPO GIRL, which wins him international awards. In 2017 he celebrates the world premiere of his Master Thesis film GOLIATH in the International Competition at the Locarno Film Festival. His main interests as a director lie in the emotional stories of misfits, runaways and visionaries, hungry for empowerment and longing for love.