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Crăița Nanu

Crăița Nanu


Story Editor, Scriptwriter, Film Festival


ScriptLab - story editing Participant 2019


Crăița Nanu has been working in the film industry for over 16 years. She started on set, first as a production secretary, then as 2nd AD. Over the years she worked on over 14 coproductions shot in Romania and abroad. Then she joined the screenwriting department at MediaPro Pictures and, for 6 years, she collaborated on more than 15 TV movies, TV series and TV mini-series, as a headwriter, co-writer or editor.
Finally, she settled in the independent cinema zone, as a screenwriter, festival organizer (mainly with Transilvania IFF - started working in the Guest department in 2012, Guest Manager since 2016 and Festival Programmer since 2017), film PR (19 films over a period of over two years, collaborating with distribution company Transilvania Film), press officer (Full Moon Horror&Fantasy Film Festival, Les Films de Cannes a Bucarest).
She also works as an independent journalist, writing for publications such as, Sub25, Ziarul Metropolis, Dilema Veche and others.