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Sarieke Hoeksma

Sarieke Hoeksma


Story Editor


ScriptLab - story editing Participant 2019


Sarieke Hoeksma graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a master’s degree in Film Studies and a specialisation in Gender Studies and Philosophy. Her studies included a semester at the Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, where she attended courses on diversity and representation in media.

After her graduation, she started working as an assistant producer at Lemming Film and subsequently worked in script development for production company PRPL. She has also worked as an editor-in-chief for VERS Magazine, aimed at young Dutch film and television makers.

Sarieke currently works as a freelance script consultant and creative writer, for production companies such as Keplerfilm, PRPL and Blazhoffski. She took part in the Six Days of Practice-workshop of Franz Rodenkirchen and Françoise von Roy, the 3-day development workshop of Emmanuel Oberg and is now part of TorinoScriptLab 2019 as a story editor.