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Marek Rozenbaum

Marek Rozenbaum




FrameWork Participant 2009


Mr. Rozenbaum holds a degree in Social work and Film from the Tel Aviv University. He has directed 2 films produced over 40 feature films and international co-productions, among them award-winning films that have received worldwide recognition.

Mr. Rozenbaum is the Chairman of Public Steering Committee of Film & Television at the Israeli Export Institute and is also acting as the Chairman of the Israeli Academy for Cinema and Television.

Mr. Rozenbaum held for 6 years the position of Chairman of Israel\'s Film and Television Producers Association and today is a Member of its Board.

Mr. Rozenbaum is one of the most experienced film producers in Israel today.

company profile

Transfax Films Productions was established by Marek Rozenbaum in 1988.

In addition to feature films, Transfax has produced over 40 documentaries for Israeli Television, 7 dramas and over 80 television commercials and television programs, including one of 1995/6’s highest rated entertainment shows.