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Lisa Brühlmann

Lisa Brühlmann


Scriptwriter, Film Director


ScriptLab - projects Participant 2019


Lisa Brühlmann staged her first play when she was eight years old. After school she went to Berlin to study acting. Following theatre studies she played a variety of roles in various TV productions and movies in Germany and Switzerland. With a desire to learn more about the process of filmmaking, Lisa studied film at the University of the Arts in Zürich. She now works as a director, writer and actor, and is based in Zürich. Her first feature Film BLUE MY MIND premiered in San Sebastian in 2017 and won the first feature Award at Rome Film Festival and the Golden Eye and Critics Award at Zurich Filmfestival.

company profile

maximage was founded in 1997 as an independent production company based in Zurich / Switzerland. The managing directors are the producers Brigitte Hofer and Cornelia Seitler. Both work on a project-related basis in the areas of development, financing, production management, post-production and marketing.

maximage produces documentaries and feature films for the international cinema and festival market. Our collaboration with innovative, curious and visionary authors and directors has resulted in award-winning films that have been successfully evaluated in the international marketplace. We aim at films with content and aftereffects - going under the skin, tickling the brain, moving into the stomach, opening the heart.