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Jarosław Kamiński

Jarosław Kamiński


Writer, Scriptwriter


ScriptLab - projects Participant 2019


Writer, screenwriter. In 2017 his novel “Only Lola” was chosen a Polish Book of the Year by leading opinion journal “Polityka” and was nominated for Olsnienia 2017 award, by, the largest Polish web portal. Kamiński’s novel "Wiwarium" was published in 2015. His first novel "Rozwiązła" was published in 2012 by W.A.B publishing house. It was named it as one of 2012’s most important literary events in Poland.

Kamiński was a headwriter of the TV show called “Eye for eye” (TV4). He was a co-writer of the 2nd season of HBO's serial “The Pact” and 3rd season of HBO’s serial "Without Secrets" (directed by Agnieszka Holland and Kasia Adamik). In 2011, the German film "Nachmieter" (director Marc Metzger) – which he co-wrote – premiered at the Max Ophüls Preis Festival in Saarbrucken . “3xLOVE” short film based on his script and directed by Olga Chajdas won best woman filmmaker and best ensemble cast awards at LAIFFA 2016 Best Foreign Film at California Women's Film Festival.

As the Reverend Kamiński, he published a collection of radical essay-sermons entitled "Don’t Let Them Bamboozle You" (the first Polish e-book to be sold online).

Kamiński’s plays have been published, staged and won awards in many Polish theatres.