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Angelo Tijssens

Angelo Tijssens




ScriptLab - projects Participant 2019


Angelo studied theatre and works as a writer/director/actor. He joined the theatre performance company Ontroerend Goed early in his career and started touring all over the world in Dutch, French and English. He also co-directed versions of their work in Moscow, Vancouver and Hong Kong. In August they received their 7th Fringe First Award in Edinburgh and a nomination for a Total Theatre Award.

Angelo acted in some films and several television series, co-wrote three short flms (two were in the Sélection Officiel in Cannes) and "Girl" (2018), with director Lukas Dhont. Girl had a spectacular career and picked up numerous awards, amongst which the Camera d’Or and Queer Palm at the Cannes Film Festival and Best Debut at the EFA-awards and a Golden Globe nomination. Besides "Dust", Angelo is currently working with Dhont again on his second feature "Angel".
"Dust" is Angelo’s first solo screenplay and first collaboration with both A Private View and director Anke Blondé.

He lives in Antwerp with his husband Nick and his cat Viktor. He is a vegetarian, his favorite color is blue, he buys too many books, he enjoys long walks, hot baths and freshly ironed shirts.