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Daniele Basilio

Daniele Basilio


Film Commission


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Daniele Basilio, Head of Cinema and Production Office of Apulia Film Commission.

As Head of Cinema and Production Office, his main task is to coordinate the activities carried out by the Production Office Staff, which supports an average of 10 features film productions, 3 tv series, 8 documentaries as well as short films and videoclips per year.

Until now AFC has received about 90 projects per year and has financed 132 productions. As Delegate Producer, he has managed the realization of 8 documentaries and 6 short films produced by the AFC. Some of them have been screened and awarded at International Festivals; the most successful are “Gardens of Light” (2010), by Davide Pepe presented at 60th Berlinale – Short Films and “La Nave Dolce” (2012), by Daniele Vicari, which has been awarded with the Pasinetti Prize at 69th Venice International Film Festival.

company profile

The Apulia Film Commission Foundation, set up under regional legislation, was established in 2007with the aim of attracting audiovisual production companies to the area through the good value of its facilities, the professionalism of its skilled personnel and the lowering of costs for travel, cast, crew and location scouting in the region.