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Iryna Serebriakova

Iryna Serebriakova




I was born in 1988 in Crimea, and I strongly believe that this place and this epoch is one of keys to the actual situation in Ukraine. That's why I want to make a film about the Crimean teenagers and their life and choices in early 2000s.
Also, there are several Ukrainian writers of 1920s and 1930s whom I would like to adapt for the cinema.
Now, I live in a small satellite city of Kyiv, and I go on exploring local conflicts and worldview claches.
I am engaged in literaty translation and have over 20 books published. These are translations from French and English into Ukrainian and Russian, including "The Man in the High Castle" by Ph. K. Dick, "Le grand cahier" par Agota Kristof, and other works.
Also, I translate films and content for TV, from "The Big Bang Theory" to arthouse, and for me this broad experience is very enriching and rewarding.