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Klementina Remeikaite

Klementina Remeikaite




FeatureLab projects Participant 2019


Klementina Remeikaite (b.1988) is a film producer. In 2014 she graduated Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, film production studies. After her studies, she and two directors Laurynas Bareisa and Marija Kavtaradze established film production company called “afterschool” and since then she is the head of the company. Klementina and Laurynas are working together since the beginning and already made 4 shorts together. In 2017 Klementina Remeikaite co-produced feature film “Summer Survivors” directed by Marija Kavtaradze, film was premiered in Toronto film festival 2018.

Contacts:, 00370 61418571

company profile

Film production company „afterschool“ was established in 2014 by young filmmakers – director/cinematographer Laurynas Bareisa, director Marija Kavtaradze and producer Klementina Remeikaite. Since then the company created and produced over 10 short films, some of them were selected in Venice, Locarno, San Sebastian international film festivals. In 2018 company together with “m-films” production, co-produced first feature film “Summer Survivors” (2018) directed by Marija Kavtaradze, which was selected in Toronto film festival 2018. The last short films of Laurynas Bareisa “By the pool” (2017) and “Caucasus” (2018) are distribute by short films distribution company “Varicoloured”. At the moment “aftershool” is developing Laurynas’ Bareisa debut feature film “Pilgrims”.