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Irena Isbășescu

Irena Isbășescu




FeatureLab projects Participant 2019


With an MA degree in European Studies from the University of Amsterdam and a BA degree in International Relations from the University of Bucharest, Irena Isbășescu has worked for several years as director, cultural projects manager and artistic consultant for the Romanian Cultural Institute.
Using her experience in developing and managing projects in the most various areas of culture, in 2015 she took the chance to be part of 4 PROOF FILM, at first as production coordinator and later as head of development.
Having had a lot to learn from the experienced team at 4 PROOF FILM, Irena started her own path into production and attended Maya Workshops in 2018. It was also in 2018 that she produced her first short, Corijent by George Ganea (developed within Film + Workshop) and now she is in post-production with her second short, In the Night by Ana Pasti. Irena is now in charge of the development of two feature film projects, Victus by Andrei Tănase and Loss by Claudia Silișteanu.

company profile

Founded in 2014, DOMESTIC FILM is formed by a team with extensive experience in film production (Adrian Silișteanu - DoP, director and producer, Adrian Sitaru - director and consultant, Anamaria Antoci - producer). Characterized by an independent spirit and individual approach, DOMESTIC FILM aims to produce author driven films that explore innovative forms of cinematic expression, are globally relevant and have strong potential for critical and public success.
DOMESTIC's portfolio comprises Adrian Sitaru’s first film in English, the short fiction COUNTERPART (premiered in Clermont-Ferrand 2015), and his feature ILLEGITIMATE (premiered at the Forum in Berlin 2016 - C.I.C.A.E. Award), the short fiction MEDA by Emanuel Pârvu (premiered in Rotterdam IFF 2016). The company is currently in production with a first documentary project – THE NEW ODYSSEY by Gabriel Babsi and in post-production with the short film THE AFGHANISTANS by Adrian Silișteanu and the feature THE GENDARME by Dan Chișu.

Counterpart – 2015, short fiction by Adrian Sitaru (world premiere Clermont-Ferrand International Film Festival)
Illegitimate – 2016, feature film by Adrian Sitaru ( C.I.C.A.E Award at Berlinale Forum)
The Afghanistans – 2019, short film by Adrian Silișteanu (world premiere – Go Short International Film Festival Nijmegen