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Suranga D. Katugampala

Suranga D. Katugampala


Scriptwriter, Film Director


FeatureLab projects Participant 2019


Suranga Deshapriya Katugampala (30) was born in Sri Lanka. He migrates to Italy at the age of 11.

He currently works in Milan as a professor of media-design and in Bologna as a teacher in film labs.

With a degree in multimedia IT, Suranga approaches to cinema as self-taught.

From 2009 he made different participatory film labs in film schools and foundations. Three years later (2012) he founded and managed in Sri Lanka a web TV called freeshTV. It was the country's first web TV. Later, back to Italy, he worked as a web designer.

Being a keen traveler, in 2014 he decided to take a long journey from Italy to Sri Lanka by land. This opportunity has become an occasion to work as photographer. It was also one of the most important experiences of his life.

Back in Italy, in 2015, he started working as a film director, doing participatory film labs. During this period he became art director for different media agencies.

2015-2017 was important for Suranga. It was the period of his first feature film called "For a son".