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Laurette Schillings

Laurette Schillings




SeriesLab - europe Participant 2018
Decision Maker 2013
Decision Maker 2010


Laurette Schillings has worked for Motel films and IDTV Film for 10 years, in various capacities, on feature films such as: BLACK BOOK (Paul Verhoeven), STELLET LICHT (Carlos Reygadas), GIGANTE (Adrián Biniez), LOVE IS ALL (Joram Lürsen) and THE BROKEN CIRCLE BREAKDOWN (Felix van Groeningen).

At Topkapi she is responsible for all international co-productions within the company and focuses on projects that have potential for co-producing in the Netherlands as well as partners abroad that like to participate in one of our productions. In addition, she will produce her own projects on a national level.