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Violeta Kreimer

Violeta Kreimer




Decision Maker 2019


She moved from Argentina to France in 2003 to study Political Science (Sciences-Po Paris). Before founding MISIA FILMS in 2018, she worked in the Photo and Contemporary Art field.
After the Cartier-Bresson Foundation, Paris Photo and Casino Luxembourg («L’Oeil Ecran », Art-Video exhibition), in 2007 she joined French artist Xavier Veilhan's studio, which she led from 2013 until 2018, following all the aspects of production and funding of his work and films including the French Pavilion at the 2017 Venice Art Biennale. In September 2018, she co-funded MISIA FILMS (film production company based in Paris) with Valentina Merli.

company profile

MISIA FILMS is a young parisian production company founded in September 2018 by Violeta Kreimer and Valentina Merli.
Crossing the lines between cinema, documentary and visual arts, we seek to support, produce and co-produce internationally emerging talents who inspire us.