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Jelena Angelovski

Jelena Angelovski




FeatureLab projects Participant 2020
Decision Maker 2019


An EAVE Producers’ workshop alumna, Jelena Angelovski graduated from the Academy of Arts in Belgrade. She is a producer at Meander Film. Her credits include Tamara Drakulić’s
Wind (Torino Film Festival 2016) and In Praise of Love (Sarajevo Film Festival 2020), You Have the Night by Ivan Salatić (Venice International Film Critics’ Week 2018), Taurunum Boy by Jelena Makismović and Dušan Grubin (Cinéma du Réel 2019) and Homelands by Jelena Maksimović (FIDMarseille 2020), The Elegy of Laurel by Dušan Kasalica (Sarajevo Film Festival, 2021), Rampart by Marko Grba Singh (Locarno Film festival, 2021), among others.

company profile

Meander Film is a young production company from Montenegro. It was founded by directors Dušan Kasalica and Ivan Salatić. Guided by the idea of pursuing contemporary tendencies in art cinema in Montenegro and inspired by the wave of young creative and brave authors who are following modern views of the art of cinema and contributing to it with a specific, internationally recognized and acclaimed cinematic expression, Kasalica and Salatić, by founding Meander Film, have initiated the endeavour of starting new film projects, aiming to gather young professionals.
Our first production was the short fiction SOA (2017) directed by Dušan Kasalica. Its international premiere was at Sarajevo Film Festival. In 2018 we produced a short documentary WE ARE THE SONS OF YOUR ROCKS directed by Ivan Salatić Salatić, which premiered at DocLisboa. YOU HAVE THE NIGHT (2018) by Ivan Salatić, is the first fiction feature film produced by Meander Film. The world premiere was at Venice International Film Festival. The feature-length THE ELEGY OF LAUREL by Dušan Kasalica had a world premiere at Sarajevo Film Festival in 2021.