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Małgorzata Staroń

Małgorzata Staroń




Decision Maker 2019


Małgorzata Staroń is a Polish producer. She is an EAVE graduate (2012) and Producer on the Move (2019).
"The very moment I realized that reality, when captured in films, is much more interesting than the theoretical models about it, I decided to give up my scientific carrier. At first, I worked as an on-set sound recordist, then I decided to create my own film production company”.

company profile

STARON-FILM was set up in 2005 by Małgorzata Staroń and Wojciech Staroń, and is based in Warsaw. Our principal aim is to produce author driven, ambitious fiction films and creative documentaries, sometimes in difficult shooting conditions. Besides international co-productions, we focus on discovering new emerging directors in Poland. We present real stories, touching deep human issues in a poetic way, portraying inner human needs, and fascinations. The most important for us is the artistic level of our productions and their international presence.