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David Meadeb

David Meadeb


Sales, Film Fund, Production


Decision Maker 2019


David Meadeb wrote a Master at La Sorbonne about exploitation films and Roger Corman and half a thesis about Italian screenwriters from the golden age of Italian Cinema.

He learned development at Central Films working on projets by Abel Ferrara, Mike Figgis, Bertrand Bonello, Tran Anh Hung. David worked for 4 years at Emergence Film Lab (Paris) scouting and working with talents. He joined Logical Pictures in 2017, then Pulsar Content in 2019 as head of acquisitions.

company profile

Logical Pictures is a financing and production company focusing on elevated genre and budget-contained feature films, targeting international audiences with high concept original IPs.

Backed by a €20m Private equity fund, Logical Pictures has gap financing capabilities.These past few years, the company took part in the production, coproduction and financing of films like REVENGE by Coralie Fargeat, SWALLOW by Carlo Mirabella-Davis, MUSCLE by Gerard Johnson and JESSICA by Ninja Thyberg.