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Katriel Schory

Katriel Schory


Film Fund, Production


Decision Maker 2018
FeatureLab 360 Trainer 2017
Decision Maker 2017
FrameWork Trainer 2016
FrameWork Trainer 2015
FrameWork Trainer 2014


Katriel studied at the NYU Film School. In 1973 he joined Kastel Films – at that time the leading production house in Israel – as Head of Productions. In 1983 he was the Associate Producer and Line Producer of the Award winning feature film BEYOND THE WALLS. In 1984 he formed Belfilms LTD and produced over 200 films including award winning feature films, documentaries, TV dramas and international co-productions. In 1999 he accepted the position of Executive Director of the Israel Film Fund, which supports, encourages and promotes Israeli Feature Films.

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Israel Film Fund

The Israel Film Fund was established in 1979 with the aim of supporting the production of Israeli Feature films. The Fund’s goal is to enable the best stories and scripts to be produced and to create the conditions for Israeli Filmmakers to bring their vision and talent to the Screen. The Fund's responsibility is to facilitate the development, production, co-production, marketing, promotion and distribution of full length Israeli Feature Films in Israel and worldwide.