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Marit Van den Elshout

Marit Van den Elshout


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Marit van den Elshout studied Theatre – Film and Television at the University of Utrecht.
She heads the IFFR Pro department of International Film Festival Rotterdam which includes all film industry related initiatives of the festival, including its co-production market, CineMart and the Hubert Bals Fund.
Marit acted on several selection committees, including for the Rotterdam Media Fund, the Netherlands Film Fund (the feature film and co-productions committees) and the Dutch Cultural Media Fund. She is an EAVE 2009 graduate, has served on several juries for project markets and is member of the International Advisory Board for the Jerusalem Filmlab and a member of the European Film Academy. Besides the IFFR, she was industry liaison for the Melbourne International Film Festival and has worked as advisor and international liaison on the development of Durban FilmMart.

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The International Film Festival Rotterdam focuses on independent and innovative cinema. Priding itself on being a supportive platform where both audiences and industry are invited to look ahead, the IFFR is a festival that reflects on the way in which cinema is now, but also as it may come to be.
Combining within its organisation a festival, a fund and a co-production market, the International Film Festival Rotterdam offers a launching pad and supportive platform for innovative and talented independent filmmakers. The Hubert Bals Fund offers script development- or post production-grants to independent filmmakers in southern or developing countries while the CineMart acts as strong matchmaker in financing low and medium budget film projects.

CineMart was the first platform in its form to offer film makers the opportunity to launch their ideas to the international film industry and to find the right connections to get their projects financed. Every year, the CineMart invites a select number of directors/producers to present their film projects to a group of around 850 potential co-producers, bankers, funds, sales agents, distributors, TV stations and other potential financiers and information sources. CineMart takes place for four days during the Rotterdam Film Festival in a convenient location that also serves as the festival centre. The heart of those four days are formed by the one-to-one meetings between the project representatives and possible financiers. Besides these meetings there are many more informal networking opportunities such as daily breakfasts, lunches, cocktails and several parties.
CineMart also runs the Rotterdam Lab, an 'in market' training and networking event for emerging producers from all over the world.