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Sophie Erbs

Sophie Erbs




Decision Maker 2019


Sophie Erbs comes from a young generation of producers, at the crossroads between a traditional approach and a progressive conception of this business. She has been heading up the development department of Cinema Defacto before becoming an associate in 2011, and she is also a producer inside her independent company Gaïjin. She is an EAVE member and has signed several features as producer such as "Apprentice" by Boo Junfeng (Cannes 2016), "We are never alone" by Petr Vaclav (Berlinale 2016) and "The Here After" by Magnus von Horn (Cannes 2015).

company profile

Cinema Defacto is a production company at human scale, created to provide the authors we support with the necessary attention and tools to crystallize their ambitions. A structure designed to optimize all production matters in order to serve a cinematographic vision.
The catalog of the company includes 25 features, almost all of which were made in coproduction and premiered in A-Class festivals. Two partners from two generations run the company: Tom Dercourt, an ACE member, who created it after ten years of producing with another structure, and Sophie Erbs, EAVE member, who joined the team in 2004 and became a partner in 2012.
Besides production, Cinema Defacto is also proactive regarding distribution matters: Tom Dercourt founded Shellac in 2003, an active independent high-quality distribution label with more than 150 releases in France, and La Septième Salle in 2012: the first on demand programming tool for cinema exhibitors and distributors.