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Marlene Schön

Marlene Schön




Decision Maker 2019


Marlene studied Economics, Social and Communication Sciences in Erfurt and Exeter. She started out in the film business with documentary film production. In 2012 she joined Rohfilm in Leipzig and was involved in various productions such as HISTORY'S FUTURE by Fiona Tan, THE YOUNG KARL MARX by Raoul Peck, DEADWEIGHT by Axel Koenzen. In 2018 she joined Rohfilm Factory.

company profile

Rohfilm Factory was founded in 2016 by Karsten Stöter as a boutique production entity for the development and production of international co-productions. We aim for quality in story-telling and emotional depth. We try to adapt to the vibrant changes of the media market, while constantly improving the visibility of our films. No matter for which platform we produce we seek for the most difficult to reach: art in film.
The company has offices in Leipzig and Berlin.

Rohfilm was founded in 2005 by Karsten Stöter and Benny Drechsel and has successfully produced 25 films until 2016, among others LORE by Cate Shortland, LUNCHBOX by Ritesh Batra and THE YOUNG KARL MARX by Raoul Peck. Since spring 2016 both founders produce films in separate companies – Rohfilm Factory and Rohfilm Productions.