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Vincenzo Mosca

Vincenzo Mosca




Decision Maker 2019


Vincenzo set up TVCO coming from a 20-year career in the industry, being involved in several international co-productions for various companies. Vincenzo coordinates a team of 5 (corporate support, accounting, post-production, marketing, sales). He continues to work as a distributor for TVCO, being also Vice President of the Italian Association of Sales Agents and a partner of the new production and distribution outfit Green Light.

company profile

TVCO is an international sales and production boutique company. With market-premiere titles and directors’ driven movies and first works, our growing library includes feature films and documentaries, a wide collection of social and faith-based content and a selection of library titles. We specialize in distribution and sales, marketing, festivals and markets.
We are dedicated to selecting and bringing to the international market the finest most interesting independent films.

TVCO and Rome-based production company Orangemedia have launched GREEN LIGHT to develop, produce and distribute independent films and television programs to be realized in Italy for the international market. GREEN LIGHT will also coproduce and consult on third-party projects and provide a wide range of services for the industry.