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Annamaria Morelli

Annamaria Morelli




Decision Maker 2019


Annamaria Morelli is a producer with many years of experience in the Film & Scripted TV industry. She began to work as a Story Editor for Rai. Then she started a long collaboration with Mediaset, producing many Italian successful TV series.
As feature film producer she worked for Mediatrade and Cattleya, among the others, in the production of several multi-awarded films.
During her career, she always scouted original projects of debuting talented filmakers and directors as Paolo Sorrentino’s first movie "L’ Uomo in più". She also collaborated with several important start-ups of successful film production companies.
From February 2017 to July 2019, she joined TIMVision as a member of the board and responsible for the productions and co-productions. In these two years, she and her team achieved record audience ratings for TIMVision platform and a number of important award

company profile

Elsinore Film, based in Rome, is an independent production company committed in developing, producing and coproducing high quality, innovative projects. Be they TV series, feature films or documentaries, the company aims to realize them pursuing the special care of the finest italian handicraft. Run by Annamaria Morelli, who scouted some of the most successful and awarded authors in Italy, the company relies on a creative team and passionately researches for new talents and ideas, with a keen eye on the beauty of female and young authors voices.