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Massimo Modugno

Massimo Modugno

Film Commission


Decision Maker 2019


Massimo Modugno was born in Bari. In 2006 he earns his degree in Communication studies, during the academic years he works on his first short film (2001).
In 2005 he founds with Cooperativa GET the Cinema academy Ragazzi di Enziteto.
In 2010 he joins Apulia Film Commission first as Multimedia Manager, now as National Production Manager. Massimo has worked as editor for various projects including videoclips, documentaries, feature and short films. Among his last projects "Il Potere dell'Oro Rosso" by Davide Minnella, selected in I Love GAI – Young Italian Authors at the Venice International Film Festival 2016.
At Apulia Film Commission he also worked as production delegate for the projects "Progetto della Memoria 14/15" and "Progetto Generations 14/15" and as post-production supervisor for the analogical web series "Past Forward" in 2016. As an author he takes care of the planning of creative contents for Apulia Film House.