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Carole Scotta

Carole Scotta


Distribution, Production


Decision Maker 2017
FrameWork Participant 2015


After graduating from Arizona State University, Carole Scotta founded Haut et Court in 1992 the same year she won the "Fondation Hachette" prize as best young producer.

She first broke into the French distribution sector with the "Unreleased of America" which included among others Alison Ander’s "Gas, Food, Lodging" and Alex Cox’s "Highway Patrolman".

In 1997 Carole Scotta produced "My life in Pink" by Alain Berliner, her first feature film (Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film).

Since then, her company, Haut et Court, produced and distributed over 200 films most of which have won several awards in international festivals ; among others the Palme d’Or in Cannes 2008 with "The Class" by Laurent Cantet. Carole also produced "Coco before Chanel" by Anne Fontaine with Audrey Tautou, which was the first French film on the international market in 2009.

She is not only a producer and a distributor but also an exhibitor with the launch of the NOUVEL ODEON in 2010, a theater in the heart of the Quartier Latin in Paris and the LOUXOR, a renovated theater which first opened in 1921.

company profile

Haut et Court was founded in 1992 as an independent production and distribution company dedicated to creating international cinema of the highest quality.
Haut et Court has worked with eminent filmmakers from across the globe such as Tsai Ming Liang, Lars Von Trier, and Paul Greengrass to name but a few, and films produced by Haut et Court have been selected and awarded at countless international film festivals - among them: Laurent Cantet’s THE CLASS (Palme d’Or 2008); Alain Berliner’s MY LIFE IN PINK (Golden Globe Best Foreign Film 1998); COCO BEFORE CHANEL by Anne Fontaine (the most successful French film on the international market in 2009).
Haut et Court is in post-production for Dominique Rocher's first feature THE NIGHT EATS THE WORLD, and will release LATIFA a feature documentary by Olivier Peyon and Cyril Brody in October 2017. Haut et Court is currently developing its first VR short film PASSENGER directed by Romain Chassaing.
Haut et Court coproduces also ambitious and festival winners European feature films such as THE KINDERGARTEN TEACHER by Nadav Lapid, THE LOBSTER by Yorgos Lanthimos, A CIAMBRA by Jonas Carpignano and more to come : DUELLES by Olivier Masset-Depasse and THE COUNTY by Grímur Hákonarson.
Haut et Court has distributed more than 200 films including Paul Greengrass’ BLOODY SUNDAY, Hany Abu-Assad’s PARADISE NOW, Na Hong-Jing’s THE CHASER, and Bertrand Bonello’s L’APOLLONIDE, LOVE AT FIRST FIGHT by Thomas Cailley, SONG OF THE SEA by Tomm Moore, the Oscar winner documentary CITIZENFOUR by Laura Poitras, the Oscar nominated TONI ERDMANN by Maren Ade and more to come such as THE KILLING OF A SACRED DEER by Yorgos Lanthimos, A GENTLE CREATURE by Sergei Loznitsa and RADIANCE by Naomi Kawase.
In 2007, the company created a television department and went on producing critically acclaimed series’ such as THE RETURNED for Canal +, International Emmy Awards for Best TV Series Award in 2013, BAFTA Awards nominated; THE LAST PANTHERS, BAFTA Awards nominated. The company also co-produced THE YOUNG POPE by Paolo Sorrentino.
Not only is Haut et Court a producer and distributor but it is also an exhibitor, having opened the Nouvel Odéon in Paris’ Latin Quarter in 2010 and Le Louxor in the north of Paris - a renovated cinema which was first opened in 1921, as well as 2 theatres outside Paris: L’Astrée in Chamonix and Sémaphore in Nimes.