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Osnat Nishri

Osnat Nishri


Story Editor


Nishri graduated from Tel Aviv University majoring in Psychology and Cinematic Studies (script-writing track). From 2009-2016 she served as a development manager at July August Productions – one of Israel’s leading production companies. During her time at July-August Nishri worked on many scripts for cinema such as “Funeral At Noon” by Adam Sanderson and “Mountain” by Yaelle Kayam - which participated and won prizes in major film festivals . In addition she edited scripts for television series, many of which were then sold for re-makes abroad, or released in the original abroad. Among the series can be found: Yellow Peppers by keren Margalit - The BBC series title is The A word - now into its third season. It is also being re-made in Greece and the Netherlands and has been sold around the world; Sirens By Shachar Magen - Sold around the world in the original, as well as for re-make in the US and in Russia; Sleeping Bears by Keren Margalit - Premiered at the Berlinale Drama Series Days 2018 and sold for re-make in the US. In 2017, NIshri and Eilon Ratzkovsky created Quiddity – a content company that specializes in high quality tv series aiming to combine writers from all over the world together with local co-writers in order to produce drama series for European broadcasters. Most recently, Quiddity has been working on the series Possessions by Shachar Magen & Valerie Zenatti which is currently being filmed for Canal +. In 2017 - 2018 Nishri acted as a script consultant at the Biennale College Cinema - three the scripts she worked on were selected to be presented at the Venice festival itself. In addition, during 2018-2019 Nishri is working as a script expert at EAVE (European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs).


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