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Julia Niethammer

Julia Niethammer




ScriptLab - story editing Participant 2021


Julia is a Producer for Chromosom Film. After two years of traveling Julia studied Media Science, Anthropology and Cultural Science at Marburg University.
She gathered her first experiences in film production at the Flying Moon Filmproduktion in Berlin. In the following two years she worked on several film projects as Production Assistant and 1st AD. Since 2012 Julia is part of Chromosom Film, where one major part of her work is the lecture and development of scripts and treatments.


company profile

Chromosom Film was founded in 2006 by Alexander Wadouh and is based in Berlin.
We focus on developing and producing national and international fiction and documentary films with a political attitude and zeitgeist. The great success of Jan-Ole Gerster’s OH BOY (6x German Film Award Winner) and the enormous international festival feedback for Noaz Deshe’s WHITE SHADOW and Gabrielle Brady’s ISLAND OF THE HUNGRY GHOSTS pave the way for courageous films with a strong own voice and attitude.
Our ambition is to tell stories that touch the audience on a deeper level, reaching beyond the screen. We are convinced that the medium film can be an effective contributor to social discourses and needs to steadily reinvent itself as an art form.