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Jakub Viktorin

Jakub Viktorin




While still in university, Jakub founded Visegrad Film Forum, an international film platform. As a producer he has been involved with a variety of internationally-acclaimed shorts (Momo, Checkpoint). As an executive producer he has worked on films such as Home Care and Red Captain. In 2015 he co-founded the production company nutprodukcia with first project as co-producer on film Spoor (2017) by Agnieszka Holland.


company profile

Nutprodukcia was founded by three young producers - Jakub Viktorín from Slovakia and his Czech partners, Tomáš Hrubý and Pavla Janoušková Kubečková. Nutprodukcia focuses mainly on synergic Czech and Slovak projects which also have the ambition to penetrate markets in other European countries. More importantly, Nutprodukcia strives to become a strong platform for young, talented Slovak filmmakers and help them enter the international audiovisual scene. Jakub Viktorín worked as the executive producer of Home Care (2015) and The Red Captain (2016). Recently he co-produced Spoor (2017) by Agnieszka Holland. Kubečková and Hrubý produced such projects as an HBO miniseries Burning Bush (2013) or HBO Europe original series Wasteland (2016), which has recently been commissioned by HBO US.