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Ana Sanz Magallón

Ana Sanz Magallón


Story Editor


FeatureLab projects Trainer 2021
ScriptLab - projects Tutor 2021
ScriptLab - story editing Tutor 2021


Ana is a Spanish script consultant and lecturer. With a specialization in film from UCLA, Ana has been in the field for the past 25 years, working as a freelance analyst and story editor for various production companies across Europe and Latin America. She is also tutor in script development workshops supported by Creative Europe, Ibermedia, and other public and private institutions. 
Ana has worked on the analysis of over a thousand scripts and has participated in the development of thirty released TV series and feature films, including four winners of the Spanish Academy Awards (Best Adapted Screenplay and Best New Director).   
She is author of the book "Cuentalo bien – Common Sense applied to Stories”.