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Nati Juncal

Nati Juncal




NATI JUNCAL PORTAS began her career in 2005 with the production of collaborative short films.
She has work in projects for cinema, television, documentaries and advertising for different production companies.

Recently she has been Production Manager of feature films such as Lois Patiño’s ‘Tempo Vertical’ (Zeitun Films) that soon will be premiered at an A-Festival, Eloy Enciso’s ‘Endless Night’, premiered at Locarno 2019, and ‘Eles Transportan a Morte’ by Samuel M. Delgado and Helena Girón (Fílmika Galaica).

In 2018 she founded the company Cósmica Producións along with the director Sonia Méndez. Nati Juncal had produced all the director's short films and the web series ‘Angélica & Roberta’, and launch their own company was a natural step.

She has produced the digital series ‘Antes de Perder’ for Playz-RTVE, launched in March 2019. She is currently producing a documentary about the poet and activist Luz Fandiño and developing some more projects including the feature film As Neves.

company profile

CÓSMICA PRODUCIÓNS is a brand new Galicia-based production company founded by the producer Nati Juncal Portas and the director Sonia Méndez Alonso. We have been working together and self- producing our shortfilms and webseries since 2007. That year, Sonia directed and raised money to shoot her first shortfilm, we met on set and became partners.
Since 2007 we have built a fruitful director-producer tandem, developing our style, creating our space and teaming up with many other professionals. Over the years we have combined our work together with jobs for several production companies where we have grown and learned.
It wasn’t until this year (2018) that we found our moment to start our own company when we sold a project of a webseries to RTVE, the Spanish public service broadcaster.
Our productions explore female universe from different aesthetic positions and thematic points of view, bringing up gender specific issues and challenging roles.