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Pablo de la Chica Blanco

Pablo de la Chica Blanco


Scriptwriter, Film Director, Production, Consulting, Financial Consulting / Investor


Graduated in dramatic art and direction between Madrid and Toronto, he has worked since his beginnings at an international level, founding in 2014 Salon Indien Films.

His first feature film The Other Kids (2016) has participated in 50 international festivals, receiving important awards and multiple international sales. From his work as a director we can highlight his first short films El Mundo de Mao (2015), Colibrí (2019), Mama (2020) and the series Dreams Without Borders (2020) for the international channel Aljazeera Documentary Channel. He is currently developing as a director and screenwriter his first fiction feature film Elephant (Special Mention Madrid Pitchbox Filmarkethub) and his first fiction series Lemoniz (Conecta Ficción 2020 Oficial Pitch, Sitges Pitchbox 2020: European Scripted Series, and Ventana CineMad 2020),

In his recent career within Salon Indien Films, he has produced titles such as Manchester, Keeps on Dancing (2017), Indestructible, the Soul of Salsa (2017), Blue & Malone: Impossible Cases (2019), The Price of Progress (2020) and has pending the release of the feature films El año decisivo (2021), Del otro lado (2021) and the animation series in co-production with RTVE entitled Bento.

company profile

SALON INDIEN FILMS was born on 2014 in Madrid and New York with the aim of creating quality film content.

THE OTHER KIDS ( directed by Pablo de la Chica) was the first international project of the company, produced alongside Al-Jazeera Documentary Channel, Movistar + and RTVA Canal Sur. The film was broadcasted on near 30 TV channels around the world with an audience of 368 million viewers on its broadcast on CCTV5 (China) and with 2 million on NHK (Japan). SALON INDIEN FILMS has produced and coproduced films such as THE WORLD OF MAO (Pablo de la Chica), “INDESTRUCTIBLE: EL ALMA DE LA SALSA” (David Pareja), “SACRED WATER” (Olivier Jourdain), MANCHESTER KEEPS ON DANCING (Javier Senz), THE PRICE OF PROGRESS (Victor Luengo) o “BLUE & MALONE : CASOS IMPOSIBLES” (Abraham López).

Currently, the company is working on the development of the following projects such as the film SUÁREZ (Guillermo Logar) with the collaboration of IB3TV; the documentary, THE OTHER SIDE (Iván Guarnizo) with the help of Proimágenes Colombia, IDFA Bertha Found and the Tribeca Film Institute; the documentary about the most prominent figures of the Spanish Transition “EL AÑO DECISIVO” (Guillermo Logar); the animated TV series for children BENTO (Salba Combre) in a coproduction with RTVE; the documentary shortfilms, MAMA and COLIBRÍ (both by Pablo de la Chica) and other projects such as “ENTRE NOS” (Diego Corsini) project selected by the ICAA to represent Spain in Ventana Sur Argentina 2019, ELEPHANT (Pablo de la Chica) and “AL ALBA” (Fany de la Chica) project selected at TorinoFilm Lab 2020.