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Matteo Pianezzi

Matteo Pianezzi




I was born in Tuscany, I lived and worked in Rome for 15 years and I'm currently living in Sardinia where I'm preparing my debut film. I started studying like actor and I'm graduated in Rome at the "Blue Theater School of Beatrice Bracco", I participated in numerous films as protagonist or co-star, including "L'estate di Martino" by Massimo Natale, presented exclusively at the Rome Film Festival, and "Ti Stramo" by Gianluca Sodaro and Pino Insegno, excellent box office success.
In 2011 I founded the production company DIERO FILM with my partner Corso Codecasa and together we have produced ten short films and worked as executive production in a lot of national and international films. With our works we have won numerous awards in the world, like 2020 David di Donatello' s winner shortfilm “Inverno” directed by Giulio Mastromauro.
Since 2011 I have founded and directed the Figari Film Fest and the Olbia Film Network, festival and international film market dedicated to short films and cinema debuts. I am programmer for several international festivals and I am a jury member for a lot of events such as Mecal Barcelona, ​​Busho Budapest, Castellinaria Switzerland and many others. I am responsible for international distribution and sales for short films made in Sardinia in collaboration with Sardegna Film Commission.

company profile

How we love to say, "Diero is a lifestyle applied to work".
Diero was founded in 2011 with the mission of combining high quality and commercial value of its projects.
Starting from theatre projects, Diero moved quickly to audiovisual production. The need to create something without waiting for
the right opportunity from somebody else, has been the cornerstone of this productive adventure.
Diero has financed, produced and realized more than ten short films and acted as executive production for Italian and
International feature films, short films and commercials.
In 2020 Diero co-produces “Inverno” directed by Giulio Mastromauro, awarded with David di Donatello for Best Italian Short
Film, now taking part in 2021 “Oscar race”.
Since 2011 Diero organizes in Gallura the international film festival "Figari Film Fest", that from 2017 has developed “Olbia
Film Network”, including in the event professional days, short film market, pitching sessions, meetings 1 to 1, meetings with the
Diero is working now in the development of two feature films.